An Open Letter to Prophet T B Joshua for Nigeria Crusade 


Nigeria is passing through an unprecedented period of political and socioeconomic difficulties that would need all hands to lift her up and dragging her out of the avoidable mess. The origin and causes of these difficulties don’t matter now but may be traced to several self inflicted domestic factors, leadership failure, inherent corrupt attitudes and other factors that can pass through the eyes. The collapse of global oil prices, the only commodity Nigeria has relied upon over the years, may actually have greater undisclosed long – term hardship to the Nigeria National economy beyond the present lamentation. For example, the Central Bank of Nigeria might have been turned to a mere currency minting house by Nigeria successive military and civilian governments over the years. This may have resulted into the prevailing low naira value, unpaid salaries, high unemployment level, high inflation, high interest rates and the like. These hardships are not about to go in hurry unless we get to the root of causation and intervene correctly.

There is another need for moral revival beyond politics in a country like Nigeria where religious sects and cultism are becoming inseparable. Religious leaders are more interested in recruiting members to their sects than teaching and preparing them to be good citizens and heaven materials. They need to know that the game is not the numbers but the true teaching, not the materialism but the spiritualism, certainly not the arm of flesh. Hungary religious leaders have changed the game to collecting the silver and gold coins cast down by Judas instead of pointing people to the way of the cross. They acquire and run institutions with tithes collected from the poor members. Unfortunately most tithes paying members can’t afford to pay tution for their wards in such institutions. In fact their institutions are becoming empty and only rehabilitation centres for dropout children of rich parents. They are institutions with more faculty lecturers than faculty students. There is a need for adequate training to correct the direction the society ought to go. The missionaries created qualitative and affordable education system for Nigeria, not the colonial masters.

Therefore the major focus is not whether SCOAN completely relocates to the State of Israel but whether Nigeria understands the value, mission and contributions of T B Joshua and his  Ministry here in Nigeria. At present what we know is that the sick people in wheelchairs are getting up walking on their feet, thousands of students are on SCOAN scholarships, foreigners are trooping to Nigeria weekends as if  on pilgrimages and more. Yet  Nigeria for whatever reason best known to her looks the other side because it is a T B Joshua. There is a need for an open air crusade for unbelieving Nigerians who may need the support and message of and a touch from Prophet T B Joshua. This is not a creditability test on SCOAN or on T B Joshua or on Jesus Christ  but to offer Nigerians of all persuasions an opportunity to come and see for themselves. 

“The Man of God,

Senior Prophet T B Joshua of SCOAN 
Dear Sir,
Greetings to you and to the Church in SCOAN that you are leading and where you are demonstrating the love of God; through Christ Jesus with wonders and signs in all its fullness and glory. We are always praying with you, for you and your ministry and all that you are doing.

The main reason for writing this little note, because I know you are extremely busy, is first to wish you great success in all your endeavours and ministries, especially now the ‘Paraguay Crusade’ this weekend. We trust fully that the mighty presence of God will always go with you. Therefor go in the fullness of God’s power.

Secondly I pray that you consider such a crusade for Nigeria too in your nearest future plans. True, Nigerians including some  church assemblies, may have been skeptical about you but that is becoming a past story and according to your  teaching, which I am holding to, no grudges and SCOAN shall move on. Kindly consider this and we will keep praying along with you. The spirit is telling me of a Crusade in Abuja or Kaduna. The answer is already in many of your teachings,  “God’s Time Being the Best”. I am available always to you as a servant for any assignment sir, with pleasure.

Nigerians are in darkness (and you know this) and many don’t actually know what is good or where to turn. Some of the consequences of this ignorance is their living in idolatry, building a lawless society, abusing the very God sent prophets that could show the light. Please sir consider this assignment for Nigeria. I already know and I have written  many posts saying that “Prophet T B Joshua of SCOAN is the most important Nigerian Today”. This is the real case. You have a humble position here in Nigeria and shouldn’t leave us alone. Keep preaching, teaching, helping and praying for Nigeria.

Hence God is raising you far above all principalities and powers that may exist here in Nigeria or elsewhere. After all these evil spirits are the ones  making people not to believe God’s real prophets and why they pursue idolatry and witchcraft life. You are in a position to know better sir.

I have been praying about the university I spoke with you to be in Arigidi Akoko our home town. You already asked me to work on it but I am just still dumb and not knowing exactly what is good for T B Joshua or SCOAN in Akoko. Kindly continue to pray for us on this issue also sir. My motivation came from knowing that what you are already doing to help others in education can actually set up a modern university. Personally I really want your presence at home but I can see that you are bigger than Nigeria in your vision let alone a little community like Arigidi Akoko. 
Our prayers will always go with you in Jesus Christ name, that God will continue to grow you stronger and perfecting all He has planted in you. God bless you richly sir in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Yours sincerely 
Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, 

University of Ilorin, Nigeria