Satan Eventually Shot Himself at the Cross of  Christ’s Crucifixion


The human race from Adam and Eve faced two enemies, the Prince of Death which is Satan and the Prince of Hell, called  Beelzebub. The prince of hell, Beelzebub, vehemently upbraided  Satan for persecuting Christ and bringing him to hell. That is, after Satan caused Christ to be murdered he took Him to Beelzebub the prince of hell for safe keeping in hell supposedly. But Beelzebub and Satan knew they couldn’t keep the body of an innocent Christ is hell, it is abomination.  The two devils and all their associates were in a great horror at Christ’s coming to hell. Christ therein trampled on death, seized the prince of hell, and took Adam with him to heaven and all other saints, and gave Beelzebub dominion over Satan for ever, as a recompense for taking away Adam and his sons. 

Impious Satan and his  cruel officers hearing these things, were seized with fear in their several kingdoms, whence they saw the clearness of the light, and Christ Himself  on a sudden appearing in their habitations.  Please remember that these devils had the acknowledging fact about Jesus Christ, that Jesus   had no sign of corruption. But who is this Jesus that is free of corruption, so powerful and yet so weak, so great and yet  so little, a mean and yet a soldier of the first rank? 

Jesu Christ can command in the form of a servant, as a common soldier, and yet every knee in heaven or on earth  must take order from Him. He is the  King of Glory, dead and alive, though once slain upon the cross. He was laid dead in the grave, and had come down alive to us, and in His death all the creatures trembled, and all the stars were moved, and now has His liberty among the dead, and givest disturbance to all legions.

Jesus Christ has released all captives that were held in chains by original sin, and bringest them into their former liberty. He has cause the spread of His glorious and divine light over those who were made blind by the darkness of sin. In like manner all the legions of devils were seized with the like horror, and with the most submissive fear cried out, and said, “Whence comes it, O thou Jesus Christ, that thou art a man so powerful and glorious in majesty, so bright as to have no spot, and so pure as to have no crime? For that lower world of earth, which was ever till now subject to us, and from whence we received tribute, never sent us such a dead man before, never sent such presents as these to the princes of hell. Who therefore art thou, who with such courage enterest among our abodes, and art not only not afraid to threaten us with the greatest punishments, but also endeavourest to rescue all others from the chains in which we hold them?” 
This can only be Jesus, of whom Satan  spoke to the  prince of Hell, that by thy death of the cross thou  received the power over death. The  King of Glory trampling upon death, seized the prince of hell, deprived him of all his power, and took our earthly father Adam with him to his glory.

Then the prince of hell took Satan, and with great indication said to him, “O thou prince of destruction, author of Beelzebub’s defeat and banishment, the scorn of God’s angels and loathed by all righteous persons! What inclined thee to act thus?  Thou wouldst crucify the King of Glory, and by his destruction, hast made us promises of very large advantages, but as a fool wert ignorant of what thou wast about. For behold now that Jesus of Nazareth, with the brightness of his glorious divinity, puts to flight all the horrid powers of darkness and death. He has broken  down our prisons from top to bottom, dismissed all the captives, released all who were bound, and all who were wont formerly to groan under the weight of their torments have now insulted us, and we are like to be defeated by their prayers. Our impious dominions are subdued, and no part of mankind is now left in our subjection, but on the other hand, they all boldly defy us;  Though, before, the dead never durst behave themselves insolently towards us, nor, being prisoners, could ever on any occasion be merry. O Satan, thou prince of all the wicked, father of the impious and abandoned, why wouldest thou attempt this exploit, seeing our prisoners were hitherto always without the least hopes of salvation and life? But now there is not one of them does ever groan, nor is there the least appearance of a tear in any of their faces.  O prince Satan, thou great keeper of the infernal regions, all thy advantages which thou didst acquire by the forbidden tree, and the loss of Paradise, thou hast now lost by the wood of the cross; And thy happiness all then expired, when thou didst crucify Jesus Christ the King of Glory. Thou hast acted against thine own interest and mine, as thou wilt presently perceive by those large torments and infinite punishments which thou art about to suffer”.

“O Satan, prince of all evil, author of death, and source of all pride, thou shouldest first have inquired into the evil crimes of Jesus of Nazareth, and then thou wouldest have found that he was guilty of no fault worthy of death. Why didst thou venture, without either reason or justice, to crucify him, and hast brought down to our regions a person innocent and righteous, and thereby hast lost all the sinners, impious and unrighteous persons in the whole world?”

While the prince of hell was thus speaking to Satan, the King of Glory said to Beelzebub, the prince of hell, “Satan, the prince shall be subject to thy dominion for ever, in the room of Adam and his righteous sons, who are mine.”

For Adam Christ took him by the hand, the rest of the saints join hands, and they all ascend with him to Paradise. Then Jesus stretched forth his hand, and said, “Come to me, all ye my saints, who were created in my image, who were condemned by the tree of forbidden fruit, and by the devil and death;  Live now by the wood of my cross; the devil, the prince of this world, is overcome, and death is conquered”. Then presently all the saints were joined together under the hand of the most high God; and the Lord Jesus laid hold on Adam’s hand and said to him, “Peace be to thee, and all thy righteous posterity, which is mine.”

Adam, casting himself at the feet of Jesus, addressed himself to him, with tears, in humble language, and a loud voice, saying, “I will extol thee, O Lord, for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me. O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. O Lord thou hast brought up my soul from the grave; thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit. Sing unto the Lord, all ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but for a moment; in his favour is life.”

 In like manner all the saints, prostrate at the feet of Jesus, said with one voice, 

“Thou art come, O Redeemer of the world, and hast actually accomplished all things, which thou didst foretell by the law and thy holy prophets. Thou hast redeemed the living by thy cross, and art come down to us, that by the death of the cross thou mightest deliver us from hell, and by thy power from death. O, Lord, as thou hast put the ensigns of thy glory in heaven, and hast set up the sign of thy redemption, even thy cross on earth! so, Lord, set the sign of the victory of thy cross in hell, that death may have dominions no longer.”

The Lord stretching forth his hand, made the sign of the cross upon Adam, and upon all his saints. Taking hold of Adam by his right hand, He ascended from hell, and all the saints of God followed him. The royal prophet David boldly cried, and said, ” O sing unto the Lord a new song, for he hath done marvellous things; his right hand and his holy arm have gotten him the victory. The Lord hath made known his salvation, his righteousness hath he openly shewn in the sight of the heathen”.

The  whole multitude of saints answered, saying, “This honour have all his saints, Amen, Praise ye the Lord”.  And all the saints said,  “Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord; for the Lord hath enlightened us. This is our God for ever and ever; he shall reign over us to everlasting ages, Amen.” In like manner all the prophets spake the sacred things of his praise, and followed the Lord. Prince Satan has lost the battle and all mankind art liberty forever; whosoever  believe and follow Jesus, the King of Glory who trampled upon death and hell. 
Compiled by Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria