The Full Weight of Donald Trump’s Presidency 


Donald J Trump has become the 45th  president of the world’s greatest, military, economic and political power, the United States of America. He took the oath of office on January 20, 2017. I was fortunate to watch it live. But what is the full weight of a president who has no legal restraints, and no political or moral restraints? He has no obligation to be good to any group of individuals, constituencies or countries. In his own calculation and in his brain it is America first,  America must be great again, even by closing boarders and building walls. 

In our immediately observations we can make the following glaring inferences.
1. The entire World has entered another turbulent and uncharted terrains of unguarded oceanic waves. By Donald Trump’s  claims to wanting to make only America and her interests most paramount in world affairs, without linking same to cooperation,  collaboration and globalization he has actually reduced the height of his America by several miles in his selfish allusions . There is a significant difference between the America we know and the America in the mind of President Donald Trump. Of course we are aware that this president is not like any others in our memories but we are also clear that he is not a saint. In particular we note that during the campaign he said racist things, he encouraged violence at his only rallies, he had it revealed that he doesn’t pay taxes and that his so called foundation is essentially a scam. He got away with all that. He was also caught on tape bragging about sexual assault and he still won. This may fill his head with an erronous take away lesson that he can get away with anything, no matter how much criticism he gets in the short term. He may have taken an oath for further impunity that characterised his abusive campaign. We think that world leaders shouldn’t only be civic and polite they should be models in all ramifications.

2. We are probably dealing with a candidate that the existing institutions  (no matter how robustly built) around  him can fail to tame or control. His Republican Party are in charge in every level of governance in America, apart from the fact the we also know that Republicans are eager to get on with cutting taxes for the wealthy, removing regulations on Wall Street, restricting abortion, and shredding the safety net, are not inclined to make Donald Trump pay a price for whatever he does.  They will stand behind him to make any of our criticism or mere observation looks to the public like just one more partisan squabble. The institutions may not after all be too big to fail. In fact his cabinet consists of dwellers in the swamp billionaires like himself and not people who have capacity to stop the drainage of public funds. They may have been appointed to destroy the institution of “check and balance”.

3. Encouragement of individualism rather than globalization may have returned as in the colonial days. Powerful nations would be seen henceforth taking undue advantages of weaker nations all in the effort to make America great again. This is a fraudulent business man all his life, running unaccredited university, business scams of all orders, doing business with just any country like Russia, Iran or Cuba even when his country gave no approval. The moving train of a morally drained president like Donald Trump can crush any nations or ideas that may think they need to oppose him.

4. Democracy as we know it may have been destroyed by the emergency of a Donald Trump in the White House. It is no secret that Donald Trump didn’t like President Barack Obama and he opposed him vehemently since 2007 with all he had. He fought Obama on his birth certificate and sponsored smear campaigns against Obama. Donald Trump and his cohorts are now in the White House with only one goal, to roll back the hand of the clock several years backward, in their thinking. These are the very intolerant individuals in our world today and they come to live always on falsehoods and to steal the sweats of others.  

The entire universe should wake up to these individuals and what they represent in the world.  It is true that liberalism has pushed the world to an extreme limit but these new racists have no clue what enormous havoc they represent. They are clouds without water and they are riotous individuals who have no plans for anyone else. Unfortunately they are backed by gun carrying individuals and so called Evangelicals with machine guns on their pulpits.

Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria