The Most Important Nigerian Today 


By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

The world needs a symbol of what humanity should be, what a true religion is, what true love is, what the future will look like, and what should be the societal preoccupation. The world also needs to know what type of relationships should exist between individuals, communities and nations. Any individual that can connect and symbolize the general aspiration of the people, providing both character and work attitude leadership, can be regarded as a fair representative of his or her community and people.

In Temitope Balogun Joshua (T B Joshua), the senior Prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), we find that every weekend a global meeting point of minds, souls, individuals from different nationalities and religious backgrounds, different people across the globe seeking solutions to unravel the causes of their life’s mysteries and woes, or seeking deliverance from sickness and handicaps that have condemned them to wheelchairs and walking sticks or that have given them confused life of whether to make love with fellow gender or other animals, people hoping and seeking a breakthrough from a life of penury and suffering beyond human imagination; all from different nationalities regularly come to see Prophet T B Joshua, as some pilgrims. Never in the history of Nigeria has it happened that such a regular, persisting, consistent but diverse audience has regularly found their ways into Nigeria for a solution but until T B Joshua.
Hence we are proud to say, without any reservation, that Prophet T B Joshua of SCOAN is the most important Nigerian today. The different personalities that go to him every time will know, the kingdom of darkness will know, all demons, principalities and powers may also know. Therefore let us all look closely at him and his ministry in the light of the scriptures and criticize him only objectively, if we have to.
What Nigeria has offered and invested in Temitope Balogun and many like him, in terms of education and training, is very low and nothing really, compared to those trained to earn high university diploma and degrees. Yet he is putting back into the society much more than any of the individuals we know in Nigeria. This is not a comparison analysis and it is not a hero worship thing either; please not at all. But rather letting the nicked facts speak for themselves. 
Well done Prophet T B Joshua