Donald Trump’s Conservatism Against Barack Obama’s Liberalism 


By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

The USA President-elect, Donald J Trump, to many of us appears  as an uneducated fellow from the backwoods of Kentucky. He couldn’t pass any of his public debates. He  said the wrong things more often and gave no correct answers to major world concerns. Donald Trump seems so dumb up till now, even after his electoral victory,  a time he needs to show he can be president for all. His team is still campaigning, claiming we misquoted or quotation him out of context some wrong things Trump said repeatedly and consistently. Why does such a person want to be the president of the world’s greatest economic and political power? If it is happening  in Africa may be yes. Perhaps we need to recognize the true meaning of leadership, it’s dynamism and how to capture it. It seems to us that this is the only one thing Donal Trump understood; the minds of those he would lead. Hence Trump capitalized on the premise that leaders are simple individuals who tune into their peoples psyche and know what they want done and promise to do just that. Leaders must survey and work with informed decision. 

Who are the people we usually refer to as the United States of America, (USA), people that Trump has been elected to preside over? These are Scandinavians, Spanish and Portuguese and others from the European powers, especially the, Dutch, German, the French and the English.  The  English finally came on board at the very beginning of the 1600 to make a permanent settlement together with their African slaves. Hence the so called African-Americans have also always been party of the USA body politics, from the very beginning. These newcomers  (immigrants) together with the Native Americans, “Indian Americans”, people they met on land would constitute the different peoples of the USA. But the English dominated the USA with the Christian faith, the English language, and the administration by running that part of the globe as a continuation of England and imposing their English culture. 

In this recent time however, there has been a great influx of “immigrants” from all over the world to join the team USA; people from the Arabs, Asians, and all over the world. In particular the entrance of Muslims into the USA has changed the dynamics of America. When a significant proportion of Muslims population  in the USA is reached it is envisaged that America will change and will no longer be a Christian country. An average Muslim will adhere strictly to Islamic culture as it’s way of life just as a committed Christian will. In fact the only objective of a committed Muslim is to, by all possible means, spread his religion and die thereafter.  Then this brings the collusion, competitions and the disagreements or fighting. We now have in the USA the gun carrying Christian Evangelicals and also the gun carrying Muslims; that culture was absent at the beginning of the USA Empire. How to include the new religious variable in the complexity called the USA and continue as before as if nothing has been added to the equation is now our concern of every USA administration. You may take the liberal agenda of the Obamas or the conservative views of the Republican to be led by Trump.

In the view of the Islamic political life the President rules on behalf of Mohammed, based on the tenets in the Quran, Sharia laws and Hadith. We have a typical example of what such a country will look like in today’s  Afghanistan or Iran. Saudi Arabia and others have moved slightly outside the seventh century era. In our estimatimation this prospect of possibly  regressing America to a more primitive stage of human evolution is scary to white Americans but apparently president Obama kept  pleasing the Muslims, to the point of being suspected as one of them, and in addition running his own undisclosed liberal agenda. Hillary Clinton was not going to deviate too much from Obama Liberalism agenda.

Hence what we are witnessing currently in the USA is a major clash of sociocultural issues, combined with  religious ideologies rather that political and personal tests or contests. In our view  Hillary Clinton throughout was the smarter,  the more polished, the well schooled in the ways of the political world. She said all the right things, was moderate enough and the less bragging candidate. Donald Trump seems to believe that everything is all about himself and therefore can speak without thinking about the consequences. Neveetheless, in the sense of today’s  USA a Hillary Clinton is no longer an American leader simply because she may have failed to tune into what the present generation of Americans desires. She desires a globalist political economy regardless of its consequences for the average American; she wanted an open door immigration policy that flooded America with nonwhite persons and, more importantly, with Muslims, whereas the predominantly white community wanted a traditional Christian society. And whereas the White voters came out and voted for Trump many others waited until the votes were counted before running violently to the streets in outrage. No group should ever take victory for granted. Everyone should endeavour to vote in order to get the right picture to form the basis of complaints, if at all.

We may assume at this stage that a Donald Trump did his calculation on his group desires some of which are, that  the Christian American perceive (a) that Islam is the enemy of America and want to keep it out of America, (b) a large proportion of whites saw Trump as a leader in his fight against Muslim takeover of America, (c) that America has nothing to learn from the African in administration,  technology or in business, and so on. We do not similarly see Trump as a 21st century leader in any of these that is capable  to move America forward without (1) getting  rid of Muslims from America as he campaigned he would do, (2) bringing back the culture of segregation on race, (3) or building walls between nations. These are also Christian core values; Christians believe in loving and treating your neighbours as yourself and doing onto others what you expect from them. But Today we have gun carrying Christian Evangelicals and also gun carrying Muslims Scholars to confound the undisclosed liberal agenda that is further darkening the world on all spheres. A confused Donald Trump can’t be a solution to a decaying world but neither could an extreme liberal politicians like Obama or the Clintons. We think that the Christian American Evangelicals should look for the  foundation laid by Jesus Christ so that it can be the basis of the  argument.

With Donal Trump in the White House come January 20, 2017, the world risks leadership vacuum scenario where he is only a man on his own or at best the 45th president of America. There is no moral ground to really all nations in Donald Trump who spent two years preaching his own gospel. The western morality is based on seeing the USA a solo police man that is humiliating other smaller nations, especially Africa and Middle East nations; rather than helping or even forcing them to order. The left sees morality only on the paper definition of equality, equitability, egalitarian, collecting from the haves to distribute to the have nots; just empty nice words selection but nothing on ground. But we are saying that if the Muslims must have freedom in the USA then Christians living in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, everywhere must be accorded same universal freedom. If this minimum level playing ground is existing a non-polished business man like a Donald Trump venturing into political arena would have ended in a big disaster. The world is not ready for the hidden agenda of extreme Liberalism on one hand; It doesn’t  make sense that nations that persecute people of other faiths in their lands will find open arms to welcome their own faith in other lands. Such scenario can only produce a victorious trumped up candidate and commotion in the streets of  Las Vega, New York and elsewhere in its heralds.
Prof R. A. Ipinyomi