Donald Trump Throwing the World Order into Confusion 


By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

The newly elected American president Donald Trump has come from the Trump family. In Africa the name Trump means any combination of these  names Blessing, Comfort,  Favour, Gift (Barack in Kenya), and similar ones to signify God’s providence. But to trump up or even just trumping connotes no longer a blessing but deceitfulness. Just like the campaign of Donald Trump was unable to trump up a convincing argument against Hillary Clinton despite the high level of its provocative abuses. Sooner or later the world will know which Trump has just been elected to succeed the gift (Barack) that is outgoing. 

Many voters in America were like me, we were no devoted fans of Hillary Clinton but we were not ready to be trumped up. This position has seemingly cost the entire world and democracy a great deal now. In our suspicious, the Trump that has been elected will roll back the hand of the clock several years backward  to the medieval ages when there was segregation, walls between nations, gender inequality and all social inequality indexes will be prevailing in his era.  Donald Trump will be living in his own reality show where everything is all about him, whether in business or now in his uncharted terrains in politics. For instance he keeps changing women at will with the slightest disagreement, allowing people in his hotels based on the colour of their skins, running illegal university, etc. The World together has gone several years ahead of this Donald Trump that has refused to grow.

Democracy has suffered it’s worst blow yet, not because African leaders are refusing to leave the political stage,  but because an uninformed individual has been placed on a responsibility beyond his mental capacity. Donald Trump, like many of his cotravellers, refused to grow beyond what they learned in the school of slavery, segregation and colonial eras. They are likely to confuse the reason of the electoral victory with their arrogance. A Brexit, a Trump or Western citizens fighting for ISIS  could be concieved  only by a generation experimenting with the worst scenario. I heard them saying, “let’s put Donald Trump there so that America can be back on her knees like other poor nations”. This is not a prophecy because I am no prophet, but write it down.

If the situation is not quickly managed, so that we have a collective leadership from the Republican rather than a solo Trump Choir, Donald Trump era will be filled with fears and anxieties,  wars and insurgencies,  de-globalization and disunity, recession and economic depression across the World, all because of the vacuum of leadership that this 2016 USA elections has created. 

The parties got it wrong. They failed in  censoring the candidates. The odd ratio was in the favour of the Republican after 8 years of the Democratic at the centre but not any candidate. Similarly the Democratic needed a superb candidate from within the centre, not a recycling candidate that Russia has all her records to hack. The polls also got it wrong by not working with a politically motivated FBI. Even our prophets, including my beloved brother T B Joshua, all got it wrong.  In one sense it is good for a prophet to get a prediction wrong like a Jonah. 

We may digress to see Prophet Jonah getting it wrong and yet was sent by God with His Word. Jonah proclaimed throughout the great city of Nineveh  (, “In forty days Nineveh will be destroyed”. Nineveh was not destroyed after forty days as the prophet said!!! Because the people of Nineveh (America) believed God’s message. So they decided that everyone should fast, and all the people,  from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth to show that they had repented. God saw what they did. He saw that they had given up their wicked behaviour. So He changed his mind and did not punish them as He said He would. 
I am sorry for those who are accusing only our prophets for getting it wrong  and not FBI, Russia or the low voter’s  turn out. We all got it wrong and that was because Americans decided based on information we gave them. The consequences of a Donald Trump presidency will soon become clear like a Brexit. Those consequences are more on the Republican Party than on the rest of the world that only need to brace up and be self dependent and forgetting what America can do for other nations. We shall work more on what our nation can become on its own with our efforts and prayers. 
Prof. R. A. Ipinyomi