Do You Think That You Trust Yourself? 


By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi 
I don’t think that I trust even myself anymore. The expectations are so high but performance so low. I am neither an Angel nor the Beast. I certainly refuse the debased Beast position.

Nevertheless many there are  believing that they are Angels, hence daily facing disappointments. Some others believe that they are beasts, with depression and all levels of woes their daily songs and cup of tea.

There is no middle ground, only reality ground. Hence accept and know that you are human. This reality will open up your acceptable functional limits.  

The message then is to stay away from situations you can‘t handle, and when you fail, pick yourself up, say you’re sorry, and keep on going. Always fleeing  from any appearance of evil. This is your reality ground and your performance will be optimum and  even higher than the angels.