APC is Urgently in Need of Adviser 


By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 
These days we read only about the woes befalling each politician and each political party. Perhaps it is because the society lacks vision and focus. Despite the fact that PDP  had ruined itself on that ground the ruling party APC seems not ready to pick up any lesson from the past. The people therein feeling  comfortable,  preferring to be  beating the bush blindly without the use of a scientific compass, even in this modern internet age. Yesteryear tactics, operation petrol wet and burn your opponents, our men only or we’ll blow everything up, politics of hatred.
Who is an adviser we are talking about that can positively impact on the society and the political parties? An apolitical individual ready to tell the truth using informed facts, free from petty sentimentalities. The politicians and the parties must allow the adviser to do its job professionally. Sentiments and interference have destroyed party  formation and its running so far, and will not allow democracy to grow beyond individual godfathers limited aspirations.
I wish I can recommend an adviser for each political party as my own contribution to Nigeria’s democracy. I am personally apolitical  but deeply interested in Nigeria society to grow and mature. Development of a stable and robust democracy, stronger than individual presidents and politicians,  is the institution we can wish as a vehicle for national development.
The particular alleged incidence, where for instance Tinubu and Oyegun are reported fighting each, is simply an index of lack of independence of members in same party, lack of respect for each other or the interference of a third or fifth columnist. Even if it is true that you single handedly put me in office you must not refer to that fact even once again, let alone repeating same every day or your effort has become a curse to you and a sign of immaturity.
In politics there should be no permanent foes or friends, but consistent policies and principles. In a Yoruba saying, the load you tie up and carry on your head by yourself alone will necessarily be taller than you in time. Hence when you support people get to the office you must also support them to be successful by leaving them alone to grow as tall as they want. Another adage saying that we can’t overload a camel and later accusing same not running fast enough. 
But what do we make of Yoruba politicians and who should lead them? Just like any other group like the Fulanis, Hausa,  Igbo, Ijaw, all others, the Yoruba have no leader yet, and may not have for a long time. The men and women around are no longer tall enough, they are swayed by personal ego, worldly desires and accumulation of materials, things that will eventually destroy their legacies, rather than building them. Somebody should advise these recycling politicians to love each other, respect party policy, and think of the tomorrow of their own children,  otherwise the coming flames will consume more of them and faster than anyone can imagine.