My 38th Wedding Anniversary Message 


​By Prof R. A. Ipinyomi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

First it was One whole in Adam that God made from ordinary  clay. 

Adam was put into the garden of Eden.

Adam’s duty was to dress and keep Eden.

Adam was given authority to rule,  and rules to obey.

Then Adam was transformed into Two.

Hitherto Adam, a complete creature,  was still alone.

A help meet for Adam was found as Eve.

Eve had always been part of Adam from the very beginning as his rib. 

Then the Two (Adam and Eve) shall be One again, even after separation.

Eve came from the Rib of Adam.

When Adam saw Eve he loved her and called her sweet names.

The bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh.

Because of this mystery; One first, then two and back to one again. 

A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.

They can be both naked but they would never be ashamed.

Two is also better than one in God’s calculation; hence a proper marriage is divine, lovely and to be preferred. 

How has this divine union and order become a snare in some quarters?

We heard that one day Adam forgot himself in the garden drinking and site seeing; there must be a lot to see in God’s beautiful garden no doubt.

Madam Eve was looking for him all over the garden until she eventually found him.

While Adam was asleep Eve had to count Adam’s rib because she was worried.

She went to sleep only when she was certain that only one rib of Adam was still missing. 

How do we compare that time to now?

They were created to live forever but they missed that goal and voted for death.

They were created with destiny and duty but they were tricked out.

Adam was to dress up Eden while Eve was a perfect complement and support.

Apart from the rumour that Eve was disturbed by Adam’s long stay in the garden; which crested loneliness.

Eve couldn’t handle the loneliness and a clever serpent came in at that time to deceive her.

The serpent came with the idea of wisdom and delightful fruits.

Eve fell to the serpent’s intrigues and death came on all.
This is the beginning of a new mystery God worked out through the use of blood.

Immediately Adam and Eve fell an animal had to die to cover their shame.

Continously and henceforth, without the shedding of Blood sin will remain to stain and rob us.

Each marriage need to look continously for the fountain flow Blood for the remission of our inadequacies and keeping  our union.