USA 2016 Presidential Election 


BY Prof R. A. Ipinyomi,  University of Ilorin, Nigeria 

​The US  has actually been seemingly   building  a world system that is unfortunately plagued with terrorist attacks, military and politically motivated   coups in most  parts of the Third World, aggressive actions towards China and Russia, increasing socioeconomic inequalities, unrest of  all forms. We think they are doing that either by design or as by product of their actions or in actions. There is not government or institution trying to build a win – win world. 
However we  believe strongly in a genuine pro-growth policy, but that should be all encompassing and not skewed only to the already haves and leaving the have nots. The US can best address it’s economic growth through harvesting the challenges in other countries and thereby providing solution options. Focusing and solving the challenges in the world can lead to more of US global influence and jobs at home, rather than turning it’s back on problems they caused over the years or wearing a war posturing all the time.
Unfortunately we have no candidate either in the Democract or in the Republican this 216 US election. Donald Trump has no single knowledge on any global problem, no single knowledge of what is true or false. He is a gambler as his co-travellers are. He is already playing the blame game as his anticipated excuse for his future failures. He can’t  seem to spare anyone in his blame game. He blames  the Blacks,  women, the Pope,  Muslims, American Veterans who don’t look like him, just anyone else; we think he must be stopped before he finally shoots himself in the mouth.
The other already over re-cycle candidate from the Democratic may have all the experience but can’t  the US find another candidate not Mogabeling self? At 69  women  of that age should be encouraged to look after their ground children, especially a women that has held all the possible high posts any woman could in the land. We can not use her to test a gender effect because the society has already been kind enough to her in terms of public services and appointments. 
Therefore a significant hope  to a possible economic growth, in the face of prevailing  accumulated huge debt burdens, can only come from  appropriate  research and investments, not from  casino games and gambling.  Development of any significant impact in the society can’t come from a Trump that is  neither on the side of the truth  nor on the side of the false; a Trump whose  focus and attention  is not on the facts at all on any point, except insofar as they may be pertinent to his personal  interest. As we go  on in the campaign, it is believed that many observations will be revealed consigning his breadth of knowledge and suitability for any public post let alone the President of the United States of America. 
For us in Africa we a tired of same song from the West and especially from USA. They tag African leaders as corrupt yet they are destinations of corruption money. In Africa the child that steals and the mother that accepts what her child steals are equally guilty. This is  why the global economy will continue to strink and sink. 
There is a great dishonesty and disconnection on the part of the Western world about Africa and African problems. The West, led by the United States of America, lacks the adequate knowledge about themselves and always passing the wrong lessons about Africa into their school pupils. Hence every Donald Trump in the UK,  USA, Europe, grew up believing that their used clothes are good enough for African children. Whereas African children are naturally more hardworking,  enduring and truthful while  the West prefers to indoctrinate their children with falsehood and deceptions. No wonder every Trump would open their mouth and vomiting  anything about what they have never known. 
Trully, Africa has her own huge problem along human and resource management,  community and corporate organisations and the likes. Africa is a resource based economy and despite years of depletion and stealing the resources are still in abundance. Understanding the resource base environment and what the other nations need should have been a main optimisation programme focus.